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    During the 90s when internet was started and introduced to the world, a domain name was simply termed as the name of the website, which one was accessing. However, with development of technology, domain names have become the mirror of your business. If you are having a amazing and unique domain name, then you can seek success with the same and be one of the topmost domains in the world. Depending on the working and availability, you can select the extension that would be used with your website. Starting from .com, there are .net, .in, .org and many more extensions on which you can get your domain name registered.

    As getting the registration process done is a complex task, we at True Value SEO would be glad to offer our services. With our simple working process, getting your domain name registered would be a piece of cake. By availing our services, you will be free of fake web portals that are offering free domain registration services.

    Important Pointers related to domain registration

    As Google keeps on providing new updates, it is essential that you select your domain name accordingly, which goes with the norms. While registering your domain name, make sure that the name you are putting is up to the mark and is easily recognized as keywords play the game. The mantra of domain registration is to keep the name of the domain simple yet effective so that it highlights the business you are doing and what you have to offer to the consumers. If you are having keywords that are user friendly, then you will easily get traffic over your website.

    While registering your domain name, make sure to avoid jargons or long names that are hard to remember. If you want anything suggested by us at True Value SEO, you can tell us some of the keywords related to the business and we will provide you with an effective domain name while doing the process of registration. While registering your domain, we are also providing you with a SSL certification, which will act as proof that your website is genuine and in working. As domain names are everything for a successful business, make sure to know about the competition, capabilities of search, and its simplicity while going for the registration process with us at True Value SEO.

    What more you can attain from us while doing the process of domain registration

    Once you contact us for domain registration, we are offering a wide assortment of extra services as the icing on the cake that you would surely love to have. Below listed are some of the free add-ons that you can attain once you get your domain registered by us at True Value SEO:

    Free email accounts : When it comes to enhancing your business image, having a email id with your domain name would do wonders. Once you get your domain registered with us, you will be able to attain the service of free email account where you will be getting two personalized email accounts along with virus, fraud, and spam protection.

    Management of DNS : With getting your domain name registered via us, you will be able to attain the services of free management of the DNS. This will allow you to have access and manage all the records related to DNS on a globally distributed DNS infrastructure.

    Email Forwards : With domain registration services provided by us, you will be able to have the facility of linking your existing email accounts with your new and personalized email ids along with facility of free email forwards.

    Bulk Tools : Having your domain name registered is not the end point. Once registration process is done, we are providing our clients with bunch of tools that would help in maintaining the domain in the best possible manner. With the bulk tools provided by us, you can easily make changes to your domain, transfer your domain on another client platform, renew your domain and register new domain in a hassle free way.

    Forwarding of Domain : Forwarding of domain is one of the common patterns that is being followed across the world. With the free service of domain forwarding, you can easily redirect your customers to another parent website or any other additional website easily. This can be done without the need of domain masking.

    Protection from domain theft : Even if your domain is registered, there are chances that it might be stolen. With the free service of domain protection provided by us along with domain registration, you will be able to easily provide protection to your website from accidental transfers or transfer without permission.

    Control Panel : With domain registration services, we are even offering our clients a spontaneous panel of control, which will be useful in managing the name of your domain, easy configuration of email accounts and renewal services along with purchasing additional services provides at True Value SEO.